#HereToStay – 5 Ways to Help Our DREAMers Now!


Soon, I’d love to write about writing, teaching, motherhood, and the myriad other topics that I planned to discuss when I began this blog. However, this has been a year for activism, and as many of you know, I had a poetry chapbook, If We Were Birds, published earlier this year to advocate on behalf of our DREAMers.

They need our support more than ever now!  We have approximately 10,000 DREAMers residing in Indiana and 45,000 in Illinois alone, and 780,000 nationwide, 96,000+ of whom have already graduate from college. If the graduates, especially, lose DACA with no replacement, many will lose professional positions and with them, the opportunity for livelihoods that support independent living or affording families with young children.

It is time for DREAMers to be given a permanent solution to their citizenship issue; the United States of America is the only home that the majority of them even remember and the only culture they know.  They deserve to feel secure, instead of fearful, anxiety riddled, or depressed, and to be able to invest in futures that cannot be ripped away at a moment’s notice.

5 Ways to Help Our DREAMers Now Include

  1. Become informed about the Acts that have been introduced to Congress.
  2. Telephone your Congressional representatives and Speaker of the House to tell them that you not only support DREAMers, but also which Act you are asking them to back in the House and Senate:   Indiana Representatives  Paul Ryan
  3. Sign the following petitions:  MoveOn.org  CREDO
  4. Donate to the following organizations:  United We Dream  MoveOn.org  ACLU
  5. Use social media to raise awareness.  Tweet Congress. Post about the issue, asking your friends and followers to advocate on behalf of our undocumented American kids.

So…what are you waiting for?  Click, click, click!  Let’s make the U.S. a better place!

In solidarity,





2 thoughts on “#HereToStay – 5 Ways to Help Our DREAMers Now!

  1. This is an opportunity to give the Dreamers some legal certainty, which an Executive Order can never do. I agree that they need to be allowed to stay in this country, and a Congressional solution is best.

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  2. Thank you, Kathryn, for your comment. I appreciate your time. Since you’re a lawyer, it’s very good to hear you say both that DREAMers need to be allowed and that Congress is the place for the issue to be settled. From what I’ve read, I agree about the Executive Order; however, it did allow DREAMers a few years of driving and work privileges, so I’m not sorry that President Obama issued it. Let’s hope that within the next six months, the clean DREAM Act can be passed!


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